Co-Sponsor Spotlight: Adapting to Climate Change in China

Funded by the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and China, the Adapting to Climate Change in China Project (ACCC) aims to develop and share China's experience of integration climate change adaptation into the development process in order to reduce vulnerability to climate change in China and other countries.   For more information about the project download this brochure or visit the project website.

On November 8, ACCC will host a special panel that focuses on the project's findings. Chaired by Emanuele Cuccillato, ACCC's Climate Change Knowledge Management and Learning Adviser, the session will feature presentations by Prof. Xu Yin Long, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Prof. Wang Guo Qing, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, Prof. Pan Xue Biao, Chinese Agricultural University, and Dr.Wang Jianwu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Prof. Yin Yongyuan, Chair of the ACCC Scientific Advisory Committee, will also present the paper "Adapting to Climate Change and Enhancing Food Security in China" during the opening panel on Nov. 8.

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